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Casual Dining Restaurant Review - Willi's Raw Bar - Healdsburg
April 19, 2006

Willi's Seafood & Raw Bar
403 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg, CA  95448
707 433-9191
RATING:  One of the Best Fishing Holes in Northern California!
"I would go back to Willi's in a heart beat!!!  

The ceviches are creative and well conceived,  with wonderful flavors that zig zag across your palate.  I enjoyed how nuts and seeds are integrated to add texture and little bursts of intriguing complexity.  The table is set with smoked salt, and sprinkling a little of it on each ceviche raised the dishes to new heights.  The only one we did not try was the charred rare ahi.  Next time!

We were so good with the "healthy" line up of ceviche, we decided to succumb and counter balanced with 3 "fried" courses.  These small plates proved successful and the imaginative sauces were lively and enhanced each dish.  The flash fried calamari with a spicy orange chile gremolata was lightly battered and the serving was abound with little tentacles (always a plus!).  The corn meal fried oysters with chipotle remoulade are ordered individually and served on the shell.  We each had two, but could have done more easily as they were small, but extremely flavorful and addictive.  We have developed a thing for salt cod, so the crispy brandade spring rolls with piquillo pepper aioli were a must.  A risky dish if the cod is too salty, but it wasn't.  Nor was the roll heavy or greasy!  Someone in the kitchen is well trained in deep fat frying!

The setting is casual, but the service was professional and extremely accommodating.

A bottle of the Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee was a perfect accompaniment to both the ceviche and fried dishes .....and depending upon your situation, can be very romantic too!  The wine list was fairly priced, and provide a little something for everyone.

Great way to spend a rainy afternoon!"



Eric Stumpf

The Wine Consultant


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